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About the film

Earthship n. 1. passive solar home made of natural and recycled materials 2. thermal mass construction for temperature stabilization. 3. renewable energy & integrated water systems make the Earthship an off-grid home with little to no utility bills.

Biotecture n. 1. the profession of designing buildings and environments with consideration for their sustainability. 2. A combination of biology and architecture.

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The inspiration behind GARBAGE WARRIOR

After leaving school I trained as a product designer at Central St Martins School Of Art in London.

My concerns for the environment had been triggered during my first years in London back in 1990, during my second year at college, after reading a
ten-page article in the Independent magazine which highlighted burgeoning
man-made environmental crisis around the globe.

I wrote a thesis on the changing states of consciousness before and during the industrial revolution. During this time I was inspired by Fritjof Capra’s book ‘The Turning Point’, and Carl Jung’s study of Alchemy.

I met Mike Reynolds in May 2003, when he and his crew arrived in the UK on a two-week visit to build a prototype Earthship house in my home town, Brighton. I was inspired by Mike’s apocalyptic view of the future, and by the urgent means by which he and his crew were preparing for it.

Building a sustainable home