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Press Quotes

  • “A must-see for any innovator out there – the documentary that shows you that there is some hope.”

    - Obviously CA

  • “A fascinating documentary about an equally fascinating man, Garbage Warrior is by turns funny, heart-breaking and genuinely inspirational.”

    - Aukland Movie Review ****

  • “A jewel of a documentary – Garbage Warrior is a brilliantly constructed film”

    - Vue weekly

  • “Part-Womble, part-eco visionary, the man is a one-off, and wholly cherishable”

    - The Independent UK

  • “Oliver Hodge’s film is properly affectionate as well as being instructive, and even reaches towards the heroic”

    - The Independent UK

  • “Remarkable vision – engaging film”

    - Financial Times

  • “Mesmerising. Hodge takes us all on a wild ride a wild ride”

    - Evening Standard

  • “Part Frank Lloyd Wright, part Uncle Bulgaria – good-spirited portrait of a single-minded visionary”

    - Daily Telegraph

  • “Compelling, confident and clever”

    - Eye For Film

  • “Charismatic – with a warm sense of humor”

    - New York Times

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